Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Rocky Mountain National Park

After the workshop ended, I packed my things into my truck and headed off. First I hiked up Flagstaff Mountain (in Boulder) and then I drove west to Estes. I spent the night camping on top of a mountain and woke up to a beautiful view of Rocky Mountain National Park spread out in front of me. Yesterday (July 13) I drove the Trail Ridge Road through the park and out the west side. I saw a young moose as well as a herd of elk and I got to stop and touch snow! They have it there, even in July!!! The Alpine Ridge visitor's center was lovely and I bought some postcards for the girls and some Native American art.

Then I stopped in Grand Lake, CO to get gas and walked up to the ticket line for the Rocky Mountain Reportory Theatre to see what was playing since there was a whole crowd buzzing about in front of it. Lo and behold, I discovered that Pirates of Penzance was beginning in 2 minutes and there was only one ticket left! Naturally, I bought it and went in. It was a wonderful show!!!

Today my destination is Dinosaur National Monument.

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