Monday, February 21, 2011

The Alphabet Game

We continued playing The Alphabet Game for the rest of our holiday weekend.

Yesterday was "H."

Leah suggested "housework" and Rebecca suggested "helper" so we combined the two and unpacked and organized part of the basement. This housework job was a lot of fun! The children spent the whole morning squealing, Oh, I didn't know I still had this! Leah was covered in stickers, Becca was wearing all the jewelry she could find, and Natalie had at least three different kinds of lip gloss on. We hadn't finished unpacking the boxes from our last move (last summer) so the children had fun finding their things from "years ago" as Becca termed it. After the morning work was done I took the children for haircuts and then bought them hula hoops. They had a blast! For dinner we had ham, split pea soup, salad, and biscuits with assorted honeys. I set out raw unfiltered honey from Colorado, a huge piece of honeycomb, creamed clover honey, and wildflower honey. Each girl got to try the different kinds. After dinner we each sat and created a happiness web of all the things that make us happy and I collected them, read them out loud, and we tried to guess which happiness web belonged to which person. Finally, we played hangman. This can be done with young readers by simply providing them with a children's dictionary and a sticky Post-It note. I had the girls look through the dictionary and place the sticky under the word of their choice. Then they know how to spell it with confidence. We each took a turn. Three letter words are actually the hardest: C U _ puzzled even me. Cub? Cut? Cud? Cup? Leah guessed C U E and I was so impressed with the guess. I said to her, I didn't even know you knew that word. And she said yes, it's that thing you sit on in church.


the most delicious honey ever

Today was "P."

We had a cold rainy day so we focused on play, indoors when it was raining and outdoors during the breaks. Bikes, dolls, musical instruments, and so on. In the afternoon we had OT and then an emergency car repair so I didn't get to introduce a P game. (This is just as well, because I hadn't chosen one. Perquackey? Password? Pit? Passing through the Netherworld? Natalie wanted Poker but I was having none of it.) But we really lived it up in the P realm when it came to foods today. Buttermilk pancakes and a mango - vanilla soy milk - pineapple smoothie for breakfast. I love adding frozen pineapple chunks to smoothies because they add the sweetness and some icy cold tingle. Peanut butter sandwiches and peaches for lunch. Chicken and potatoes and spinach for dinner. I was glad we kept it simple today because it's back to school tomorrow and I wanted something restful.

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