Saturday, February 19, 2011

This Day Brought to You By...

We are lucky enough to have a four day weekend, due to our school President's Day holiday: Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday.

I don't have a lot of money for activities right now, but I want the girls to feel like we are filling the weekend with special family time. So I borrowed an idea from Sesame Street and we are celebrating a letter each day. I choose the letter and plan activities that start with that letter. It keeps the day inexpensive but still keeps it fun!

Yesterday was "B."

We took a beach walk along the Chesapeake Bay. It was over 70 degrees yesterday so it was lovely and warm. We visited my Aunt Janet and her best friend (which was unexpected but the children want to count it as a B). We picked blossoms for the dinner table (the snowdrops and crocus are up, and there are catkins on the black pussy willow). When we came home from the beach, the girls all had bubble baths. I made a Blueberry Buckle for dessert. And after dinner I taught Natalie and Leah how to play Backgammon.

Today was "C."

To begin with we cleaned the house. Then we went to the carwash. When we came home, I cut back the raspberry canes and made the girls Crusty Prune Delight for snack (dried plums soaked overnight in apple juice and then baked with a crumb topping of wheat germ, butter, and a little ground cloves). Tonight we will have a candlelit dinner with chocolate-covered fortune cookies for dessert (these were on clearance at the grocery store and allow me to cover chocolate, Chinese food, and cookies in one fell swoop). After dinner and dessert I'm going to teach Natalie and Leah how to play Clue and we will have an indoor camping party on the living room floor, complete with sleeping mats, sleeping bags, and cocoa. I was going to have us sleep on the screen porch but it's supposed to go down to 28 tonight.

Since the subject of cleaning has come up, I want to take a second to RAVE about a new laundry detergent I've found. It's by Method and what I love about it, besides being planet friendly and smelling fantastic, is the pump dispenser. My girls (Kindy, 1, and 2) all assist with the laundry and this is the first detergent I've felt comfortable with them measuring. The large bottles are too heavy and unwieldy and pouring to the little line inside the measuring cup is really complicated. This detergent has a simple pump dispenser with a big sticker on it that says "4 pumps = 1 load." Of course, I'm always there when my girls are putting the laundry in, but they feel so proud and accomplished when they can help with every step.

Amazon also has a subscription available so, if you were to take the time and figure out just how long it takes you to go through all that detergent, they can send it to your door right when you are about to run out!

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