Sunday, July 8, 2012

Assistive Technology - Module 1

I know that this is off the beaten path, but since I need to keep notes on it, to share with my colleagues, I'm going to put it here.

I am working on my M.S. in Curriculum & Instruction (I've stopped blogging largely because my classwork is taking up so much of my time) and one of my electives this semester is Assistive Technology for students with special needs.  I need a place to keep all of the links so that I can find them again, even after the class has ended, in case I ever have a student with these severe needs.  I would hate to say, I used to have a great resource for that but I have no idea anymore what it was.

I'm taking Environmental Education this semester as well and that has lots of great links to share.  So I will go ahead and update my blog with these things so that I can find them later, and because someone else out there might find them interesting.  I will be done with my degree next summer (2013) and then I hope to do a second Master's, my Waldorf teacher training.  I've waited a long time for that one!  Going back to school as a single parent is no walk in the park.

Module One:  Assistive Technology Basics and Universal Design for Learning
Joy Zabala - Sharing the SETT Framework
WATI (Wisconsin Assistive Technology Initiative) - A Resource Guide for Teachers and Administrators about Assistive Technology
"Hey!  Can I Try That?"  A Student Handbook for Choosing and Using Assistive Technology
Adapted Pencils to Computers:  Strategies for Improving Writing

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