Wednesday, January 15, 2014

AWSNA Conference

I remember when I drove all the way up to the Sunbridge Institute, in Chestnut Ridge NY, to go to the Mid-Atlantic AWSNA Conference, only to find out that I actually live in the "Southestern" region. Oh, well. I still had fun.

Today I discovered that the annual AWSNA Southeastern Regional Conference is right near me this year, at the Baltimore Waldorf School!

The topic is "Core Values and Core Standards: Deciphering Mainstream Education Trends for the Waldorf Setting."

March 14-15 (Friday evening and all day Saturday) for more information


Rhoda said...

It's so funny that I can't now find the link to the conference I attended at Sunbridge, in 2011, so that I can add it to my bio on the website. I know for sure that I went though... because I got a t-shirt! :-)

Rhoda said...

Aha! Found my old email correspondence with Kathleen Morse.

It was the AWSNA conference called "From Fixed Idea to Living Form" held October 21-23, 2011.