Thursday, January 2, 2014

Waldorf High Schools

Gary Ward, from Island Oak High School, gave me some nice information about the Waldorf High School movement. He writes, "A couple of things about the high school. Rudolf Steiner did give quite a well-developed curriculum for grades 9-12, and evolved it over a couple of years. The Stockmeyer curriculum book “A Curriculum for Waldorf Schools” gives a lot of detail about Waldorf high school curricula. It is available at Rudolf Steiner College Bookstore, and at least one other place that I have seen, but forgotten. There is also a great lecture cycle on the high school age called “Education for Adolescents” (also called the Supplementary Course). It is available online in its entirety.

"You might want to also add Island Oak High School to the list of high schools. It is 16 years old, operating in Duncan, British Columbia, Canada. Island Oak and Sunrise Waldorf School are merging into one school after June 2013. Island Oak is one of the three complete Waldorf high schools in Canada."

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I also am happy to share these documents from the Washington Waldorf School website.

List of Waldorf High Schools in North America

Chicago Waldorf School, Chicago, Illinois

Eugene Waldorf School, Eugene, Oregon

Green Meadow Waldorf School, Chestnut Ridge, New York

Hawthorne Valley School, Ghent, New York

High Mowing School, Wilton, New Hampshire

Highland Hall School, Northridge, California

International School of the Kootenays, Nelson, British Columbia

Island Oak High School, Duncan, British Columbia

Kimberton Waldorf School, Kimberton, Pennsylvania

Merriconeag Waldorf High School, Freeport, Maine

Rudolf Steiner High School, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Rudolf Steiner School, New York, New York

Sacramento Waldorf School, Fair Oaks, California

Seattle Waldorf High School, Seattle, Washington

Shining Mountain Waldorf School, Boulder, Colorado

Summerfield Waldorf School, Santa Rosa, California

Toronto Waldorf School, Thornhill, Ontario

Vancouver Waldorf School, N. Vancouver, British Columbia

Waldorf School of Garden City, Garden City, New York

Washington Waldorf School, Bethesda, Maryland

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