Friday, June 24, 2016

A Beautiful Waldorf Playroom - Wishlist

Zac is 13 months old now and so I am seeing the toddler side of him... cruising and crawling rapidly, hanging onto my skirts and hands to walk... almost walking independently... signing and gesturing, vocalizing... almost talking... and I am also remembering my three girls when they were little, and looking ahead to all the upcoming years of preschool imaginative play!

next up... a rocking horse!

I'm super-excited! So I thought I would take a minute and picture what I'd love to have in Zac's playspace as he grows.

My Pinterest page of Early Childhood & Waldorf Toys

Of course it (almost) goes without saying that there would be baskets of shells, stones, pinecones, and colorful wool roving. We want to encourage as much open ended play as possible! Oh, and LOTS and LOTS of picture books!

Building Blocks

Dolls & Animals

Play Silks

Kitchen & Foods

Art Supplies

Musical Instruments

Board Games

Cars & Trucks

Outdoor Play

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