Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Theatre Camp Tuesday



    Today we were gluten-free and baked gf chocolate surprise cupcakes with chocolate frosting on top and marshmallows hidden inside


    to-do lists!


    Today was a HUGE creating day!

  • drawing and painting a cardboard pig, two sheep, and a tiger
  • drawing our huge cardboard tree
  • decorating the living room windows with window crayons to look like we are in a forest
  • drawing a cardboard lion mask
  • finger knitting yarn pieces for the lion's mane
  • dyeing an old sheet bright yellow for the duck costume fabric
  • draping an old sheet to be a wolf costume/cape, cutting jagged slits to make it shaggy, dyeing it chestnut brown
  • drawing and painting cardboard wolf mask
  • dyeing cotton balls with instant coffee crystals for the wolf mask
  • deciding on a long red sweater to be the base of the cardinal costume -- we are sewing feathers on it tomorrow
  • drawing and painting cardboard cardinal mask
  • drawing and painting cardboard cardinal beak
  • So I have dyed sheets hanging from my clothesline in the rain, newspaper and painting projects strewn all over my garage floor, a cookie sheet of wet coffee-soaked cotton balls sitting on top of my dehumidifier, and an enormous pile of corrugated cardboard stacked in my living room. :-)

    Today I went to the craft store after camp and got the supplies on the list I was handed. That was yellow paint and orange paint for the lion mask, and red feathers for the cardinal costume and mask.

    Today's cost: $15.17. Total cost so far: $31.42.

Tomorrow's plan: more acting games, baking gf sugar cookies, finishing designing/sewing/painting/decorating costumes and masks, making final to-do lists of materials to buy and costume pieces & props to bring from home, making final decisions about the huge tree - the gate - the lake, choosing reception menu, decorating invitations for the families (Friday @ 2 pm)

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