Wednesday, November 23, 2016

St. Nicholas Day

Our family celebrates exchanging gifts on St. Nicholas Day (Dec 6) instead of Christmas Day (Dec 25). My three older daughters spend their Christmas vacation visiting their father, who lives in Wisconsin, and so we exchange our gifts earlier. Plus, there is a rich European tradition of exchanging gifts on St. Nicholas Day. So it all works out!

We will be buying and putting up and decorating our tree soon, and we have a countdown to St. Nicholas Day which we call an "Advent calendar" strictly out of habit. Technically it isn't because the season of Advent has its own special meaning. I count the number of days between when we set up our tree and our Christmas morning and I wrap one Christmas book in Christmas wrapping paper for each day, and we put them in a display. Every night we choose a Christmas book to read at bedtime, slowly building the anticipation for the holiday as we see more and more books opened and fewer and fewer left wrapped! St. Nicholas Day is on a Tuesday this year, so that will be a little strange for us. I guess we will figure it out when it arrives!!! Since we host the homeschool co-op, we can't really take the day off from school.

So, there's setting up and decorating the tree, and choosing and wrapping the books... and then there's the shopping. I am struggling this year with how to handle the presents. I know Zac is getting the handmade felt animal book and some play kitchen foods and the stacking train. But I really am feeling drawn to family gifts for everyone else instead of individual gifts. The older girls (11, 13, 14) will be getting individual gifts from all their other family members, but I feel so artificial trying to think of things they will want, and fritter away my money making sure everyone has a personal stack under the tree just to be "fair," when what I really want to do is get some huge and amazing things which every person in our family can enjoy! So I think I'm just going to go for it. I'm the adult here, so I get to pick... right?

Family Presents

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