Monday, January 2, 2017

MLB Pages - World Geography

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This are the photographs which accompany the previous blog post, Resources for World Geography. My daughter did this main lesson in 8th grade and we had to do a Quick & Dirty version because she hadn't had world geography before. Waldorf usually spreads the world out, doing the continents over the course of several school years. Please see the previous post for all of my notes and feel free to write a comment with any questions.

My favorites are her pinkie-finger krill swarm and the layered open animal mouth food chain (blog post with adorable pictures of her making the krill). It also tugs at my heart when I see the fish print she made -- and we saved for 8 years -- when she was in kindergarten. Looking at this main lesson book, I also really appreciate the time she took on little details, like using snowflakes as the bullet points by her Antarctica facts, carefully tracing how many pennies equal the weight of a Mediterranean Tree Frog (four pennies = 10 grams), and making a border of rainbow colored Musk Ox footprints.

We got HUGE main lesson books for this... 19 inches wide, 13 1/2 inches tall. Click on any picture to enlarge it and scroll through the pages with ease.

krill --> penguin --> leopard seal --> killer whale

coral reef made by blowing drops of watercolor paint with a straw

Syrian Civil War - September 2015 
A Table Showing a Simplified Version of the Ongoing Conflict

Natalie didn't represent these warring sides in the conflict as colorful "teams" to make light of the situation; rather, it was the best analogy she and I could come up with to help her make some sense of all the news articles she read.  She got her idea from a NY Times article called "Who is Fighting Whom in Syria," which also tried to explain the conflict in simple terms.

Syrian Civil War Update - November 2015

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