Tuesday, January 10, 2017

U.S. Constitution - Links & Games

This post contains affiliate links to the materials I actually use for homeschooling. I hope you find them helpful. Thank you for your support!

My middle daughter Leah and my oldest daughter Natalie are both in public school this year and facing the mandatory Civics test administered by the state of Illinois. Leah has had an excellent Social Studies teacher and she has played, and enjoyed, lots of games personally created by Mrs. Heninger to help her students review and memorize basic Civics information after they finished their intensive unit. She has learned the content thoroughly.

Natalie, on the other hand, completely bombed her Civics pre-test today.

So, I decided that Natalie should read the websites and play the games that Mrs. Heninger put together for her students. There's only one problem... the public school has decided to update their website, which unfortunately also means that they plan to take down her webpage which has all of her links. So I lickety-split made a blog post with all of the links in it, both for Natalie's benefit and for the benefit of anyone else who is studying the Constitution. Enjoy!

And if you use these games, please do write a comment thanking Mrs. Heninger for all of her hard work and I'll be sure to pass it along to her.



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