Saturday, March 18, 2017

Photos from Fables Camp

Grocery shopping today for some new dinner recipes:

Photos from our week-long Animal Fables Camp:

getting ready for felting

our favorite felting soap is Kiss My Face Olive Oil Soap

a raw egg!

finished felted eggs

getting ready to act out "The Fox and the Stork" with a pair of chopsticks as the stork's beak

potato printing for "Foolish Words: A Jataka Tale"

using Live Education's Drawing Simple Animal Forms

wool felt finger puppets (including the red fox for "The Fox and the Grapes") from the patterns in Around the World with Finger Puppet Animals

dyeing silks for "The North Wind and the Sun"

100% silk scarves from Dharma Trading Company
+ iDye for Natural Fibers + white vinegar

watercolor painting of "The Lion and the Mouse" from Teaching with the Fables: A Holistic Approach

quilling for "The Peacock and Juno"
(this is a more advanced project and would NOT be suitable for 2nd grade)

partially complete

Leah's (age 13) finished work is gorgeous

setting up the shadow puppetry for "The Crow and the Pitcher"

the underside of the chalkboard as a set

supplies for the multimedia collage for "The Great and Little Fishes"

watercolor pencils

experimenting with salt on wet watercolor paint

drawing backgrounds for movable pictures of "The Tortoise and the Hare"

a midground and a foreground, allowing for two race tracks

the midground and foreground come from one piece of paper which was torn lengthwise into two pieces

layering the pieces on top of one another, decorating them, and glueing them together (down the sides ONLY and not across the bottom), then making the animals and adding long strips of paper for handles

the finished picture, ready for the race to begin

mouse puppets from wooden spoons

a simple "Country Mouse and Town Mouse" set drawn on the chalkboard

weighing dry sponges for "The Salt Pedder and the Donkey"

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