Sunday, March 19, 2017

Song of the Swallows - Leo Politi

This morning I decided to do a story and some activities just for our family!

Yes... I just woke up today and realized that sometimes I give so much attention to the other students who come to do school with us that I forget to plan special family activities for just my four kids!

Today is St. Joseph's Day and the day the swallows come back to Capistrano. We started our Bird Activity Day with the 1948 Caldecott winning Song of the Swallows by Leo Politi.

We read the story (I need to update my list of picture books that have lyrics and sheet music in them... because this is a beautiful one) and got to work.

We brought in the lengths of twine hanging in the trees that no longer had Cheerios on them and the pinecones that no longer had peanut butter and birdseed on them. We brought in the hummingbird feeders and the bird bath and the bird feeders and got all the extra feeders from the garage and the window nest box from the Science Curriculum shelf and we sat down and cleaned everything.

We discarded the two feeders that were old and broken and plastic and not worth repairing. We went to the store and bought replacement suet feeders (the raccoons took ours) and fresh birdseed and a squirrel bungee feeder.... because I love to watch squirrels! And of course we spent some time at Rural King visiting with the baby chicks and ducklings and turkey poults.

We set up new pinecones with peanut butter and birdseed.

We refilled and set the bird feeders and suet cages back out.

We refilled and set the bird bath (an old pot which we fill to the very brim with water... they can hold onto the edge and drink merrily) back out.

We set up the Squirrel Kob Bungee and the Window Nest Box.

And since Zac adores watching the birds in the yard, I splurged and purchased a new bird feeder. It's a clear window bird feeder which attaches with a suction cup. It has a tray for feed and a protective overhang. We had one in my last classroom and the children just loved to watch the birds come right up to the window. We had a shelf nearby with a basket of bird guides plus clipboards and blank paper and colored pencils so the children could sketch and take notes and identify the birds they were watching.

Lastly, Zac helped me fill one extra suet feeder with pieces of colorful wool and cotton yarn for nesting material. I got this pretty idea from Pinterest and just loved it; an old metal ball whisk from your kitchen works too.

National Geographic Backyard Guide to the Birds of North America


How do you like to make your yard welcoming to birds? If you have a great idea, please take a second and write a comment!

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