Friday, May 5, 2017

Tadpole Photos

New Word of the Day:  Froglet
(a froglet is a tiny frog that has recently developed from a tadpole)

Our little Froglet
Welcome to the world!

Watching intently

Our tank is still full of water, with the air hose, and vegetation
We've collected the vegetation from nearby ponds

And then we added the chunk of log, which floats

I was going to add dirt and build up some dry land but so many of the tadpoles still need the water

We've started catching small insects and placing them on the log for the brand-new frogs to eat

Tadpoles with all four legs and a tail, standing on the bottom of the tank

They are staring at Becca!

Or maybe staring at their own reflections?

In the other corner of the aquarium, a STACK of tadpoles 
(lower left of the picture) 

Why they would sit on top of each other like that, I have no idea.  
It's a Frogpile!

I've had this aquarium for a long time.  It was in the crawlspace and I dragged it out when Becca told me the pond at the farm was full of tadpoles.  We made this lid years ago when I was a brand-new 4th grade public school teacher and this tank was a terrarium.  It held my class pet at the time:  Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches.  (And, yes, I didn't want them to escape!)

The lid is painted an ugly pink I found in the paint store "Oops" pile.

I was upset that there's now a small hole torn in the screen, and I was going to get new screen and spline, but I then realized that it's perfect for today's use... because the tube for the airstone runs right through it.  The lid keeps us from worrying that a froglet will jump out into the living room. :-)

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