Monday, August 7, 2017

"Foundations of Waldorf Education" Series Notes

I am constantly bumping into books from this series, and I keep seeing the volume number and thinking, "Oh! I am really reading these out of order."

So I have decided to make a list of the books, in order, and include links to any of them which are online for free. And I found out that almost all of them are! I am currently reading The Spirit of the Waldorf School because of an endnote reference we ran into at our Book Group. Steiner was such a prolific writer and speaker that it seems I am constantly chasing down other things of his in order to fully understand whatever I'm currently studying.

Anyway, here is what I have so far. The image doubles as a link to buy the book. I've also included links to read the books for free, where applicable:

I'm really curious as to what Volume 23 and 24 are! If anyone finds that out, please leave a comment!

This post contains affiliate links to the materials I actually use for homeschooling. I hope you find them helpful. Thank you for your support!

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