Thursday, August 17, 2017

School Year Prep

We aren't only counting down until the eclipse around here... there is also a school year happening some time soon!

Carbondale celebrates an eclipse, if clouds don’t spoil it
Chicago Sun-Times article (I was interviewed by this reporter yesterday)

Our first day of the homeschool co-op is August 28th. I've been purchasing school supplies (plan books, main lesson books, colored pencils, gratitude journals, creative writing journals, art portfolios, fountain pens) and curriculum materials (Montessori R&D's Word Study Materials, Hello Wood's Teaching Clock, and the Grammar Game by Mandala Classroom Resources).

We also continue to be blessed by donations of art supplies from my good friend Leslie. She has assured me that her art room is now perfectly clean and organized and she loves it this way; I am just amazed at her generosity!

This year my 12/13 year old group is doing the following MLBs:

    Physics: Simple Machines

    Creative Writing

    Algebra I

    Age of Exploration

    Human Anatomy & Physiology I

    Norse Mythology I


    World Geography

    Human Anatomy & Physiology II

    Norse Mythology II

    Algebra II

    Renaissance & Reformation

If anyone else is teaching any of these blocks, please write and share your favorite curriculum resources!

This post contains affiliate links to the materials I actually use for homeschooling. I hope you find them helpful. Thank you for your support!


Indigo said...

I am doing a fair amount of similar blocks! I have a 4th, 7th and 8th grader. Thank you for all of your thoughts. Are you using Jamie York for your Algebra blocks? Looking for resources to brush up on algebra:)

Renee said...

Yes, we are using Jamie York but I also like some of the math resources on TpT (the free ones). I have been working on a page on the website listing my favorites. You can find it here: Middle School Mathematics.

Renee said...

Hi Indigo, I'm doing Jamie York's online math workshop for 7th grade right now (September) and I love it! It's $150.00 and you get two weeks to complete it. There are 24 modules in all. 22 are videos and 2 are audio files. Based on his recommendations and his 7th grade workbook, our first Math block is actually going to be ratios.

If you want hands-on manipulatives for Algebra, Mortensen makes amazing materials. These were inspired by Montessori but took the approach farther. I have links to them, and a sample video of the materials and how they help you visualize a problem, at the bottom of my Montessori Materials Wishlist post.

Indigo said...

Thank you so much!