Friday, October 20, 2017

Morning Pages

Several people have asked me to publish their creative writing in the blog from our daily "Morning Pages" time this week. Thursday's prompt was inspired by our Virtue of the Week, Courtesy. The prompt was, "The worst manners I ever saw..." Friday's prompt was inspired by a Science work which I made available, building the periodic table of the elements with the Photographic Card Deck of the Elements and then using it to solve the Elements Crossword Puzzle. The prompt was, "I discovered a new element..."

Photographic Card Deck of The Elements: With Big Beautiful Photographs of All 118 Elements in the Periodic Table

Enjoy! See if you can spot your own child's work.

    The worst manners I ever saw was at a restaurant! The people at the next table over acted like they were raised by wolves! They talked with their mouth full and chewed with their mouths open. They even ate with their hands! When they were done the table and floor were covered in food, the dishes were everywhere, and all the glasses were broken! We never went there again!

    The worst manners I ever saw were when a man walked up to me and stepped on my big toe. Then instead of saying Excuse me, he burped right in my face. He followed me through the grocery store, standing right by me and talking really loudly on his cell phone. When a pregnant lady walked by the man said loudly, "Boy, she's fat!" He jumped in front of another woman in line, didn't say anything to his cashier, dropped his money on the floor and crawled around on his hands and knees for about 10 minutes picking it up and never apologized to the many people waiting in line behind him. Then he complained about how the bagger packed up his groceries, cut off a little old lady as he walked over to the door, knocked the cane out of her hand which caused her to fall and he never looked back to check on her. When he got to his car he drove off, sideswiping someone else's vehicle and knocking off their sideview mirror. He just kept going. I have never in my entire life met someone so rude!

    I discovered a new element called Emerald.

    I discovered Oxygen from aliens discovering about Oxygen!

    I discovered a new element called Poptardeo. It smells super nasty but it tastes so good. You could mix it in with any food and it would make it taste ten times better. Poptardeo can even make tomatoes taste good, and tofu.

    I discovered a new element called Quietes. Whenever people swallow this juice you become quiet until 24 hours later. It helps with people that are loud or talk too much.

    I discovered a brand new element! I named it brethen (Bre-thin). It is the element that all humans need to live. I really renamed Oxygen but don't tell anyone, okay? Thanks. You see, I published a super long paper and because no one read it, I got away with renaming Oxygen. They gave me a really fancy medal and I was rich! Only after I died did they know that my life was a fraud. Wha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha ha!

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