Thursday, November 23, 2017

Library Workshop: Montessori Grammar & Word Study Materials

I'm leading a workshop series at my local public library on progressive education. The sessions will take place on Tuesday evenings from October 3 to December 12 (not including Halloween).

Some of the sessions are on Montessori and some are on Waldorf. Here I will put a corresponding series of blog posts listing what materials I took with me, both to help out other people who may be leading similar workshops and to help me out if I do another set of workshops like these in the future!

Montessori Grammar & Word Study Materials

the Grammar & Word Study area at my old school

The Montessori method already has figured out how to make
Grammar and Word Study exciting, hands-on, and beautiful...
the hardest thing for the teacher is figuring out how to store all the parts!

the Haunted House of Speech
a creative Grammar activity designed by my colleague Ms. Denise

and beautiful wooden Grammar Cabinet 
from Waseca Biomes

four 60-drawer hardware cabinets
with the 5,000+ cards of the Word Study material 

and Grammar Symbol Nomenclature
from Montessori Research & Development

from Mandala Classroom Resources

and Grammar Pencils
from Nienhuis Montessori

from Waseca Biomes

playing the Grammar Game

the absolutely terrible hand I drew in the Grammar Game!

Not pictured:
I also brought the lovely Waseca Biomes curriculum catalogue, the Control Chart (answer key) for all of the Montessori R&D Word Study material, and two examples of record sheets for the extensive Word Study Material. The one I created for use in the classroom this year is my favorite. It goes in their yellow Language folder (a two pocket folder with a center section for papers which have been three-hole punched). I hole punch it and put it in the center section, where it stays all year. Students color in each box on the sheet (PDF) as they complete each drawer of the four Word Study cabinets.

For the workshop, I laid out the contents of several of the drawers, so people could see what was in them, try the lesson, and feel free to look at what was in the other drawers. I set out Noun 2 from the Waseca Biomes Grammar Cabinet (plural nouns and collective nouns, like "cache" of "jewels" and "kindle" of "kittens") as well as Compound Words A2, Homonyms K1, Apostrophes for Contractions O1, Apostrophes for Plural Possessive P8, and Guide Words V1 from the Montessori R&D Word Study Material.

I also brought a material I have created based on the Literature for Grammar material, which is a binder of sentences from literature which I have carefully reformatted to have enough space above the words. The sentences live in page protectors in a binder, arranged in order of difficulty. There are two copies of each page; one is blank and is for students to work on and the other has been correctly symbolized and serves as an answer key. Students choose a page to work on, remove the answer key from the page protector and place it on the table upside down, then attempt to correctly symbolize each part of speech using the box of grammar symbols. They can move the paper symbols around as many times as they wish until they are happy with their answers, then they check their work using the answer key. Finally, they copy the sentence onto lined paper and use the stencil and the grammar colored pencils to symbolize the sentences.

an example of a symbolized sentence

Photos from the Classroom:

homeschool organization: Becca's plan book, my plan book

business materials: business cards, attendance sheet, session topic handout, book group flyers

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