Saturday, December 29, 2018

My New Pile of Zoology Books

My Winter Break is always a busy time. I'm lazuring my first room (Zac's bedroom), organizing my crawlspace, and doing lots of planning for upcoming blocks. Today I wrote a brand-new Fibers & Clothing page for my website. This is a block typically done in a Waldorf third grade. It's one I haven't taught before and I'm very excited for February!

In January and in May, my older students will be doing Zoology. In the Waldorf world, this block is called Man and Animal. The idea is that different animals are chosen for the qualities they embody to the extreme (the cow can be see as all Digestive System, where a mouse is all Nervous System). The human being is all of these pieces put together in a balanced way.

To put it another way, imagine the Human Being as an exploded diagram... taken apart into all of its pieces... and then imagine all of the Animal Kingdom as those pieces. This underlying anthropsophical principle is not explicitly stated to the children, however.

For the students who did Human Physiology last year or over the summer, this will be an interesting study! It's also an interesting one to prepare for, since there are so many wonderful animals which I could choose.

I've taught Man and Animal several times, but I always love to shop for new books and so I've splurged a bit for this block. I loved Wilfrid Swancourt Bronson's Horns and Antlers and decided to invest in a few more! (Now I have all of the books in this nature series except Goats and Starlings.)

Horns and Antlers

by Wilfrid Swancourt Bronson

Here is my complete reading list for the Winter Break:

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