Monday, June 17, 2019

Photos April/May - Part 3

And even more photos:

the Cuboro marble maze is a recurring favorite for play

a few letters from Old English
I can't wait to go more into OE and ME and IPA next year!

we learn that < dentist > and < rodent > are not related words

carefully spreading mulch around our pussy willow shoots

we love all the sculptures at the St. Louis Zoo

the elephant
NOT a ruminant

one of the insects we studied in Zoology I,
the carpenter bee

another social insect we learned about,
the leafcutter ant

the butterfly house

grizzly bear


the penguin exhibit was Zac's favorites
the birds were so close to us!

pink flamingo
NOT a ruminant :-)

a ruminant

NOT a ruminant

zebra foal

I loved the tortoises

students hurry to get lessons on interesting things
before the school year runs out

this is our beautiful all-wood coordinate graphing work
from Clocca Concepts

the four stomachs of the ruminant
according to the diagram in Bronson's Horns and Antlers

a layout of pronoun work from the Grammar Cabinet
by Waseca Biomes

a ruminant

NOT a ruminant

an interesting SWI lesson proving that
< pneumatic > and < pneumonia > are not related!

wrapping up our Friday afternoon Science Club
with a look at constellations

creating constellations on the sidewalk with chalk

even Zac gets in on the fun

Gram helps Becca with her face makeup for
her Spanish play dress rehearsal

she's the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood

end of year Art Show at Ms. Anna's house

sculptures with found materials

each child created a box
"There is more to me than what you see on the outside"

it was fun to see all of the artwork on display

and of course there were snacks

and exquisitely decorated cupcakes

reading with mom

building together

Becca sneaks in a few last Chemistry experiments

still digging that hole for the worms

and spearing magnolia leaf "fish"

collecting fallen leaves to play with

we look at my collection and add antler drawings to the MLB

the sweet potato has grown quite a vine!

hanging out and sewing on Pajama Day

Zac is four!  
enjoying tapioca pudding and fresh fruit salad

and the wild strawberries are ripe
an unexpected birthday present

each of the younger children gets to look through
my collection of birthday ring ornaments

and arrange the birthday ring the way he likes it best
the ornaments and 12-hole ring are from Nova Natural

reading books with mom & dad

sewing wool felt finger puppets on the last day of school

Becca crocheted her ear and tail pieces herself,
after a lesson with our crochet special guest

wrapping up the school year with an awesome performance of
Caperucita Roja on that final Friday afternoon

now Becca is heading off to high school!!!!

upcoming Summer & Fall events

join us!

click to enlarge
I'm excited to host another screening of Class Dismissed
thank you to the Sustainable Living Film Series for the opportunity

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