Saturday, December 14, 2019

Class Play Planning - Week Two

Onward and upward... performance is December 20th!

Day Five - Monday, December 9

  • read When the Sky is Like Lace by Elinor Lander Horwitz, review terms for phases of the moon

      new moon
      waxing crescent
      first quarter
      waxing gibbous
      full moon
      waning gibbous
      third quarter
      waning crescent

  • look at moon phase models and our moon phase prop for the play
  • make phases of the moon with Oreo cookies (four cookies per child)
  • small group breakout sessions - paint background color on masks

Day Six - Tuesday, December 10


  • work with Ms. Anna to build papier-mâché volcano model


  • "Number Rhyme" game by Joan Marcus (with the numbers 11, 10) from The Waldorf Book of Poetry, p.291
  • play improv game "Group Stop"
  • walkthrough of "The Time of Deep Darkness" and "Spears of Lightning" and begin to make decisions on blocking
  • make final prop and set decisions
  • small group breakout sessions - embellish masks with additional details as needed, organize animal batiks, plan plant art pieces

      for Ku, god of forests
      koa tree
      candlenut tree
      hau tree
      wiliwili tree

      for Lono, god of growing things
      taro leaves
      sugar cane

Day Seven - Thursday, December 12


  • work with Ms. Anna to finish volcano, paint plant art pieces


  • small group breakout sessions - final planning and painting of small projects; measuring and testing quantities of baking soda, vinegar, food coloring, and clear dish detergent for the best possible eruption
  • play improv game "Columns"
  • We took two identical vessels and placed one inside the papier-mâché volcano model. The other we kept out so that we could try different combinations of baking soda / vinegar and figure out the very best recipe, without destroying our volcano model from overuse. Perfect!

Day Eight - Friday, December 13

  • assemble rolling clothing racks, hang fabric, paint sets

      Set 1 - Volcano
      Set 2 - Forest
      Set 3 - Rushing River
      Set 4 - Seacoast Cliff
      Set 5 - Mountains / Cave
      Set 6 - Chief Hut

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