Sunday, December 8, 2019

December Circle ECE

I am making one big post with all of the December stories and crafts we are doing in Early Childhood throughout this month, so that it is easier to see the continuous threads that will run through our work. But here I would like to share the December Circle, in case you are coming to our Advent Spiral and would like to practice at home!

I am always happy to lend the books and CDs with these verses and songs.

Circle Time

"Good Morning, Dear Earth"

Good morning, dear Earth
Good morning, dear Sun
Good morning, dear stones
and the flowers, every one

Good morning, dear beasts
and the birds in the trees
Good morning to you
and good morning to me

"Morning Verse"

Down is the earth
Touch the ground

Up is the sky
Rise with arms above

There are my friends
Gesture outward

And here am I
Cross arms over chest

Good morning, good morning
Shake hands with neighbors in unison

"We Push the Saw, We Pull the Saw"
by Nell Smyth

We push the saw, we pull the saw, we push the saw, we pull the saw,
For cutting winter wood.

We push the saw, we pull the saw, we push the saw, we pull the saw,
For working together is good!

Partners face each other, sitting on the floor with legs extended, hands joined, rocking back and forth in a see-saw motion

"Who Comes Creeping in the Night"

Who comes creeping in the night
When the moon is clear and bright?
Tap floor in rhythm

Who paints tree leaves red and gold
When the autumn days turn cold?
Tap legs in rhythm

Up the hill and down he goes
In and out the brown corn rows
Clap hands in rhythm

Making music crackling sweet,
With his little frosty feet.
Clap hands with partner in rhythm

Jack Frost!
Ring bells

"Wintertime" (abbbreviated)
by Betty Jones

Begin by standing in a circle

Oh, hear the winds call,
Raise hand to mouth and sound out "woooo"

Listen to the nuts fall,
Snap fingers

See the squirrel gather its food,
Flutter fingers and reach forward, make gathering gesture

To bed goes the bear,
Lumber around in a circle

All creatures prepare
Stop, all hold hands, and sit down in place

For the wintertime mood.
While holding hands, raise hands upward

Soft snow falls at night
Everyone flutter fingers downward to floor

Covering the earth crystal-white,
Spread fingers outward away from body

While all are snug in bed.
Place hands together in sleeping gesture, eyes close

"Bear Has a Snout"
by Nell Smyth

Bear has a snout
It pokes OUT!
Hunker down on knees with head suddenly appearing

Four paws
They have CLAWS!
Hands suddenly appear

Burrowing deep
Bear goes to sleep
Curl up as small as possible

Repeat 3 times

"Ten Bright Candles"
by Nell Smyth

One bright candles lighting up the town,
The flame goes up but the wax drips down.

Continue until ten fingers are all extended. The finger extends upwards on 'lighting up' and flexes downwards on 'drips down.'

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