Monday, July 13, 2020

Booklist: Animals of Antarctica

Geography materials I like from Waseca Biomes:

The organisms covered in the biome three-part cards are

    Antarctic hair grass - plant
    springtail - insect
    ice fish - fish
    emperor penguin - bird
    leopard seal - mammal

Books I've found with information about animals of Antarctica:

    I could kick myself for not making a complete list of every animal in every Steve Jenkins book when I got them ALL out from the library in Feb 2018... but I didn't have time so I just did the Animals of Africa.

    If you know of other books which would be good for this Antarctica list please let me know!



Emperor Penguin

Adélie Penguin

Penguin (not specified)

Wandering Albatross

Leopard Seal

Southern Elephant Seal

Of course, if you want to include something about explorers, there's the cow!

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