Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Converting Between Decimals, Fractions, and Percents

Some FREE resources from Teachers Pay Teachers which I've found useful, and a few notes from our tutoring sessions.

In Waldorf, percents are done in 6th grade as part of Business Math.

Mathematics Lessons for the Sixth Grade

by Ernst Schuberth

Note: this book is also available for FREE as a downloadable PDF from the Online Waldorf Library here.

Session One

Session Two

    review Fraction Flower, explain that the reason that equivalent fractions can be made by multiplying the numerator and denominator by the same number (for example, 4) is that it is the same as multiplying by the fraction 4/4, which is the same as multiplying by 1!

    fill in Converting Fractions, Decimals, and Percents Math Wheel
    for the following:
    decimal ---> percent
    percent ---> decimal
    fraction ---> decimal
    fraction ---> percent

    do #1, 2, 3 of "Percent on a Hundred Chart" from Percent of a Number Freebie Sampler

    assign "Percent of a Number: Odd Man Out" from Percent of a Number Freebie Sampler as independent follow up work
    (solve by converting the percent to a fraction and using mental math)

Session Three

Session Four

Session Five

    review page 8 of Using Multiples to Introduce Percents

    do "Multiples and Percents" page 9, review that you can simply remove and replace zeroes when working with multiples of 10, think of skip counting as kangaroo jumps along the number line and explain that the second row of the table is going past the whole and continuing to jump, review that 150% means the whole plus half and practice calculating 150% of various numbers

    do page 10, review checking for reasonableness and/or a faster way to do mental math by taking apart the number by which you are skip counting, get out 7 blank tiles and go through the second row of the table by taking the 7 apart (how much to get to the next 10, how much remains?)

    do page 11 (complete table); get out colored bead bars and build 32, 52, 72; explain that 32 can be thought of as "3 three times" OR "three skip counts of 3"; find 152 by counting fifteen skip counts of 15

    assign rest of page 11 (questions) as independent follow up work

Session Six

Session Seven

Session Eight

Session Nine

Session Ten

    review math wheel practice problems

    finish "Percent of a Number Sorting Activity" from Percent of a Number Freebie Sampler, working problems without the Decimal Checker Board

    do Percent of Change Lesson Guided Notes (page 2)

    begin Practice Problems (page 4)

    assign the remaining problems as independent follow up work

Session Eleven

Session Twelve

Recommended resources for percent of change (these are NOT all free):

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Renee said...

I see that "Using Multiples to Introduce Percents" is no longer free. It is $2.25. I think this is a resource that is well worth having, so even if your budget is very tight I would strongly recommend it!!!