Friday, August 20, 2021

Wordless Picture Books

I was positive that I had done a blog post of Wordless Picture Books... but can't find it, so here goes!

I think that Wordless Picture Books are excellent for a child who is in Bridge. That age where First Grade hasn't begun, but Kindy seems too easy. In Waldorf, children learn their letters in First Grade and then learn to write and, from there, learn to read. My son Zac (who turned six in May) is the only one of my four children who is actually entering First Grade not knowing the letters (or the alphabet song) because all of my daughters went to a Montessori school, where this is done in Early Childhood. So I'm super-excited to be able to teach him! He is very excited to learn how to read!

I think that children who WANT to read are more content with Wordless Picture Books than regular picture books, because there isn't something missing from their experience (the story) that they feel like everyone else gets except them. The Wordless Picture Book levels the playing field. We ALL have to make up the story as we go along!

So here is the beginning of a list and I would absolutely love suggestions! A collaborative brainstorm is always the best.

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