Monday, March 7, 2022

When Kids Want To Help You Clean

I remember the first time I watched Edison's Day ($5.00 on Vimeo) and I thought, that's it! That's what I should be doing with my child! It is such a big part of Montessori that children are given real work and real (child-size) tools.

But what kinds of products are reasonably safe to give to an eager young child who wants to help?

These are the ones I've come up with so far... I'd love to hear your suggestions!

For Cooking

mini-vegetable brush
from For Small Hands

olive wood nutcracker
from Chickadees Wooden Toys

farina grain mill
from Nova Natural

citrus juicer

For Table Setting

Montessori placemat and napkin set (and fork & spoon set)
from Michael Olaf

a creamer is the perfect size pitcher for young children who want to pour their own milk (when it spills, it's not that much to clean up)

table crumber
we have a beautiful copper one that belonged to my grandmother

For Gardening

child-size wheelbarrow

child-size leaf rake
I love the bamboo leaf rakes from For Small Hands

child-size gardening gloves


For Cleaning

dish sponges

child-size rainbow broom
I love the one from Camden Rose

12 inch lambswool duster

spray bottle of white vinegar & water

cloth diapers for cleaning cloths

when my girls were little I also gave them a Swiffer and I just left out a section when I assembled the handle, so that it would be shorter

Magic Eraser
absolutely lovely for getting marks off painted walls (and only takes water)
Zac is 6 1/2 years old and I just gave this to him... not for a younger child

For Laundry

soap nuts

wool dryer balls

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