Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Class Play Notes

The rest of our school year in Sunday School is devoted to preparing for our Class Play, to be held May 20th. I teach a combined 3rd/4th/5th grade class at our Methodist church and have been using lots of Waldorf ideas, with great success! The play is working out so well that I am already trying to think about making it an annual event. Of course, for Sunday School, that means I am mostly looking at the Waldorf 3rd grade curriculum Old Testament Stories for my material. I'm working on a list of books which promise to have plays in them, so that I can purchase them over the summer. Suggestions are welcome!

So far I own:
  • Plays for Grades One through Four by Michael Hedley Burton -- we are using "Saul and David" this year

  • All Year Round (short plays for Christmas and Epiphany)

  • Whittle Your Ears by Barbara Betteridge

  • Books I have on my wishlist:
  • Class Plays for Grades 1 through 7 CD by Eugene Schwartz

  • Let's Do a Play! by Colin Price

  • Two other books I want to buy while I'm shopping at Bob & Nancy's are Journey to the Promised Land and We Will Build a Temple, both by Jakob Streit. (We will be starting next year with We Will Build a Temple, since we finished our lessons this year with the wisdom of King Solomon.) I already own And There Was Light -- I snapped it up when I heard it was back in print. This book is mentioned in a great watercolor painting resource: the Watercolor Painting workshop by Kelly Morrow available from Waldorf in the Home. She specifically demonstrates some of the first few paintings for the Creation and mentions that her storytelling is based on his book.

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