Friday, January 4, 2008

Sunday School Plans for 2008

January - Isaiah, Jeremiah, Lamentations

    6 - Isaiah
    We Will Build a Temple, pp.33-35

    Our New Year's resolution as a class is going to be to learn to knit. Originally I was going to have us knit little chicks and then wet felt eggs to hold them as Easter decorations -- although this is far away, it is relevant to the Christmas story naturally. But since the whole chicken/egg as a symbol of Easter and the Resurrection can be a tricky subject, with the origins of same being Pagan, perhaps we will make roosters instead. We could have the rooster because Peter was told by Jesus in the Gospels in the Bible, that he would deny Christ three times. So the rooster is to remind us not to deny Christ. The scriptural reference to this is Matthew 26:69-75.

    Either way, today we will begin knitting our squares.

    13 - Jeremiah
    We Will Build a Temple, pp.37-43

    20 - watercolor painting? saving the Ark of the Covenant
    I love the illustration on page 43
    then We Will Build a Temple, pp.44-47

    27 - Lamentations
    Young Women of Faith Bible, page 1029
    read portions, particularly acrostic chapters (choose one: 1, 2, 3, 4)
    introduce Hebrew alphabet

    main lesson books: Hebrew alphabet
    buy Hebrew Alphabet Wall Chart?

    demonstrate/practice letters with water painting calligraphy kit (an amazing specially-treated paper)

February - Babylonian Captivity & review of first part of Old Testament
all stories are from A Child's History of the World (my favorite edition of this being the 1951 one)

    3 - chapter 8/9
    "A Rich Land Where There Was No Money" & "The Wandering Jews"

    learn song Go Down Moses (for play)

    10 - chapter 12/13
    "The King of the Jews" & "The People Who Made Our A B C's"

    cunieform, self-drying clay
    have children write the name of Nebuchadnezzar (page 99) but don't tell them yet what it says

    also cover hieroglyphics, payprus

    17 - chapter 16/17
    "A Bad Beginning" & "Kings with Corkscrew Curls"

    24 - chapter 18/19
    "A City of Wonder and Wickedness" & "A Surprise Party"

March - Ezekiel, Daniel
all stories are from Hurlbut's Story of the Bible, Original Edition

    2 - story 98
    "What Ezekiel Saw in the Valley"

    learn song Dem Dry Bones (for play)

    9 - story 99
    "The Jewish Captives in the Court of the King"

    finish knitting project

    16 - story 100
    "The Golden Image and the Fiery Furnace"

    felt eggs (if doing this)

    23 - crayon drawing of fiery furnace
    then story 101
    "The Tree That Was Cut Down and Grew Again"


    30 - crayon drawing of tree stump and king on all fours eating grass
    then story 102
    "The Writing Upon the Wall"

April - introduce play

    6 - crayon drawing of the writing on the wall
    then story 103
    "Daniel in the Den of Lions"

    introduce class play
    "Daniel, Servant of the Lord" from 25 Plays Inspired by Waldorf Teachers edited by David Mitchell

play date May 18, 2008

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