Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Summertime Picnic

Today we decided to have a make-believe summer. We spread out the beach towel on the living room floor, arranged sea shells on it, and got out the marine puppets (whale, crab, octopus). The children put on their summer hats and we decorated their noses with sunscreen. Now they are happily having a summertime picnic dinner on the beach blanket.

Natalie's class is beginning a World Tour, starting with the United States. Today she told me she had to get to school on time or she would miss the hot air balloon. They even made paper suitcases. From what I can understand, they visited Hawaii and ate pineapple today. The teacher introduced the unit last week with Flat Stanley and Natalie made a Flat Natalie which we mailed off to her great-grandparents in Illinois. Hopefully some fun facts about Illinois will come back in the mail to us!

In homeschool news, our apple seed has sprouted and the children are beside themselves with joy. Our avocado is taking its dear sweet time... as avocado seeds are wont to do. Tomorrow we are going to Story Time. Friday is doctor appointments for Leah and Rebecca (allergy testing and 3 year check up, repectively) and a lunchtime play date.

We have been so busy with all the Divorce proceedings and the fall out from that that I haven't had much time to blog about the homeschool stuff that is going on, so sorry about that. Let's see... today we read Corduroy and this weekend when all the children are home I want to play some games from Button Button Who's Got the Button: 101 Button Games. We've been playing a lot of make-believe, doing art stuff like painting and modeling, and generally doing the usual things. I know that doesn't help people who are turning here for ideas. :-( I'll try to be more on top of it.

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