Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Peanut Butter Baths

Yesterday morning we planted our live Christmas tree outside (which I got for just $6.49 on a Home Depot gift card -- so happy to have found it!) and made Christmas tree ornaments for the birds. Our last pine cone project used up every one we had so this time we used magnolia cones slathered with peanut butter and birdseed. The craft was a great success (easiest to just make these outside if it is warm enough, which it was) but my children were both completely covered in peanut butter so then it was inside for bathtime. Santa gave one of my children magic growing capsules, the kind with sponge animals inside that pop out when placed in warm water, so we had a really good time "growing" some animals in our baths.

Today we are making belated batches of Christmas cookies for a late gift exchange with my brother, sister in law, and nephews.

By the way, I found a quirky online product called Cinch-Eaze. It is an iron-on waistband cincher for the inside of your child's pants, helpful if legs have grown but tummy is still tiny (which is happening to Natalie). As she gets older the pants don't always have adjustable waistbands and the size 6 things we got her fall right off! Visit the website for a free sample.

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