Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I just found one of my cryptic little notes for the blog. ;-)


I was complaining the other day about my safe sides can opener which I HATE. You can't drain a can of tuna fish because the lid comes off just as wide as the can itself and doesn't fit in it to drain. Also, most of the cans we get from the food pantry are dented and it is hard to pull off the top. I find that it hurts my fingers terribly to pull and pull and try to hook my fingers under the little seam so I can get some leverage to tug...


I didn't want a can opener made in China and I didn't want one that was a plastic piece of junk so I went on to eBay to see if they had vintage ones with wooden handles and they do!

In fact, there were 972 can openers on eBay the other day.

So if you are looking for something and "made in China" is not the way you want to go, I suggest shopping used. It works nearly every time.

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