Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Turtles Crossing the Road

Am I the only one who is still seeing box turtles crossing the road? It seems that every few days we have to pull the car over and help a little friend.

I forgot in my list of prospective jobs that the school is thinking of offering Mom and Dad's Night Out for Friday evenings. I would stay at the school and be the supervisory teacher and offer crafts and other activities and the parents could go out to dinner or whatever. It would be a fundraiser for the school and work for me. The director is very excited about the possibility and I hope it pans out. My watercolor painting class was canceled -- Saturday mornings doesn't seem to be a good timeslot for people.

Oh, I just realized that if I got the library job we'd have to cancel the Natural Gift Making workshops for Saturdays in December, or move them to the Friday PM, or have another person teach them. It would be sooo much fun to have so much work that I can't possibly schedule it all in! Life was like that during the summer and now it has been so tame lately with the kids in school.

I can also work on the website, so the time is not lost, but a paycheck would be nice. :-)

I have been thinking that I personally focus so much on toddler to grade 3 that I should push myself to write more for grades 4-8. The site is slim and the entire internet seems to be slim on Waldorf for upper el. Anyone out there who is teaching these grades and wants to write articles for the website, please contact me. I'd love to hire you!

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