Sunday, October 26, 2008

From Green Beans to Lettuce

Well, I have an amazing thing to share. My children eat salad! During the summer, as we went each week to the farm to pick up our vegetables, every week they chowed down on warm ripe tomatoes. When the tomatoes were no longer a part of our share they ate raw green beans as snack. Last night I served raw green beans as the vegetable which they ate perfectly happily. Today I thought I'd try salad (ha) just for fun and, to my surprise, Natalie sat down, took a piece of lettuce in her hand, said "Yum" and began to eat it. Then she asked, what is this? So I told her it was lettuce and she and all the children ate it just fine. They never would eat salad before. But tonight it was a hit; in fact, they liked it more than the meatballs, tomato sauce, and rice! So I am amazed and thrilled and thought I would pass it on.

Today we finished our illustrations of the Golden Calf and our composition pieces for our MLB. I also just cut the pattern pieces for the Baby Moses doll and am excited to begin that project. Next week we are doing the death of Moses, mirrored forms in FD and I'm going to introduce sand trays for Form Drawing practice.

In Life in Other Aspects, not much is going on. I am not teaching any storytimes or art classes or subbing this week so I guess it will be a week of moving furniture, doing housework, and generally having a jolly old time.

Someday soon I should start making Christmas presents. Wasn't this the year I was going to do them all in August?

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