Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ice Skating

Today we were unable to go to Wisp so I took the girls ice skating instead. I researched ice rinks near us: Tucker Road Ice Rink in Fort Washington, The Gardens Ice House in Laurel, and the City of Bowie Ice Arena in Bowie. While looking for local ice rinks, I found this website,, where you can find ice or roller skating rinks by state or zip code. We ended up at The Gardens because their public skating was supposed to begin at 11:20 am and the girls wanted to leave right away this morning. We left the house a little after 9 and got there at 11 am. Then we discovered that I had read the website wrong and public skating didn't begin until 1 pm! We watched the figure skaters and ice hockey team practice (on separate rinks, of course) and then went out for some lunch and got back at 1 pm. I have my own pair of figure skates which I begged my grandparents for, received as a Christmas gift some 10 years ago, and never wore until today. It cost me ten bucks to have them sharpened. The girls all rented. They LOVED the skating. Natalie clung to the wall but Becca and Leah both took the plunge and went out onto the ice. We went around and around for two hours and now they want to go again tomorrow. There's free public skating in honor of the New Year from 9 am to 11 am. Guess where we'll be?

Looks like our next family read-aloud story is going to be Noel Streatfeild's Skating Shoes

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