Sunday, June 27, 2010

Our Very Favorite Book of Mother Goose Rhymes

I want to post the link to our very favorite book of Mother Goose rhymes; there are so many out there and most of them just have the same old verses. But we found one -- quite by accident -- that is really top notch. It is packed with rhymes that I have never heard before, the illustrations are lovely, and my daughters absolutely adore it. Right now Natalie is reading it and quizzing me (did all the king's soldiers and all the king's men put Humpty Dumpty together again, or not?). It has the well-known rhymes as well, of course. The book is published by Dalmatian Press out of Franklin Tennessee. There's no table of contents and the pages are not numbered so I can't tell you how many rhymes there are total. Natalie is counting the pages now (I gave her the task as a challenge). She says 117 pages. Some have a large illustration and one rhyme; some pages have many rhymes. I would guess there are 200 verses in all, but that's just a guess.

ISBN 1577594193. Here's the link:
Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes (Treasured Collection)

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