Friday, September 17, 2010

Building the School's Library

Another way we build our school's library is through the "Birthday Book Club." At the beginning of the year, parents who wish to participate donate $20.00 to the school for their child's birthday books. The teachers uses the money to buy quality books they feel are missing from the school library, books that the birthday child would enjoy. When the child's birthday rolls around, he/she is presented with the birthday books. The family gets to read the brand-new books first, then they are returned to the school and added to the permanent collection. A sticker goes in the front of each volume saying this book was donated to our library in honor of _______ (child's name). Children love this, parents like it too, and it's fun for the teachers to choose books that reflect each child's interests.

Natalie and Leah have asked me to give money to the Birthday Book Club for them and I'm still debating it. But if I did get $20.00 each...


hardcover, $16.50


library binding, $19.38

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