Sunday, January 2, 2011

Art Activities for Paul Klee

Our January artist is Paul Klee. Looking online, here are some good links to art projects:

"Oil Pastel Klee Portrait", inspired by Head of a Man

The Adventures of Bear (blog):
Paul Klee Part 1, inspired by The Tree House (prints, sponge painting, geometric shapes)
Paul Klee Part 2, inspired by Cat and Bird (rubbed chalk pastels)
Paul Klee Part 3, inspired by ?, button tree (blown ink and collage)
I think this might have been inspired by Feather Plant circa 1919

"Drawing Lesson Plan: The Tree House"

"Broken Window Drawings"

"Paul Klee Goes to Africa"
also includes alternate lessons "Sinbad the Sailor" and "Illustrated Poem"

In the second part of the month I plan on having us do a large mural project in his style.

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