Sunday, January 2, 2011


Hope everyone had a nice Christmas! I went and spent a week with my grandparents who live in Southern Illinois. They were worried about my driving all that way by myself so they insisted that I fly, which I did. Surprisingly, tickets purchased on Christmas Eve were quite cheap. However, all the parking at the airport was already taken. I guess you never win 100% of the time. I had to park in hourly parking at $22.00 per day. But I made it home safe and sound and that's the only thing that really matters in the end. And I got to spend a relaxing week with my darling grandparents. I read a TON of books (nearly 20), including

and more. I read many others but these were my favorites. I was in the middle of reading David Copperfieldby Charles Dickens when I had to leave... so I don't know if it would have made the favorites list or not. I suppose that by looking at the titles you can tell that I never made it past the "D" section of juvenile fiction! I had a good time, though, and read many books to put in my new project. Under the Same Skyby Cynthia deFelice, January 1905by Katherine Boling, and Morning Girlby Michael Dorris were all important books to add to my list, dealing with modern-day illegal immigrants, child labor at the turn of the last century, and Christopher Columbus' discovery of the Americas respectively.

I have quite a liking for historical fiction and I think this project is an important one. I have completed the Stone Age portion and will add it to the website shortly, along with some notes about where in the continuum of Waldorf education it might best be placed.

Lastly, I wanted to send a "shout out" to an Australian weaver by the name of Melinda Hunter. My brother and sister-in-law, who now live in NSW, came back for Christmas and my sister-in-law gave me a lovely purse and said that she had met the person who made it. Here's the website for her small business, Loominous:

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