Monday, November 9, 2015

Latin Second Declension Masculine "Cheer"

I was having a great time teaching Latin until we got to the endings for the First Declension, at which point I suddenly lost steam. How am I ever going to remember these darn endings, I thought to myself. Finally inspiration struck, and we learned them by standing up and coming up with endings for each movement, like a cheerleading routine.

These are what worked for us!

a - cup hands around mouth, as if calling softly ah

ae - both arms straight up in the air, fingers fully extended, as if the sound gets louder

ae - bring arms down, then repeat AE movement

am - arms straight out to sides, fingers fully extended, as if I'm pretending to be a person (Sam, in my mind)

a - repeat A movement

ae - repeat AE movement

arum - arms together and straight out in front and then opening to the side, like I'm swimming and focusing on my arms

is - bring hands to the front and clap

as - clap behind you

is - clap in front again

Now I need to develop a Second Declension Masculine cheer!

Before I do that, I want to take a second to record bits and pieces of miscellany which I have open in my tabs. I tend to keep dozens of tabs open with things that I want to remember, follow up on, or put in the blog, and every time my computer updates itself I lose them all. I'm going to try to record them more quickly. Here goes, in no particular order:

the most influential species of all evolution- National Geographic Article

earthworm sex and life cycle diagram JPG - from Man and Animal

38 earthworm facts - also for Man and Animal

political map of North America with Alaska and Hawaii included, to scale - prep for Geography block

and Houghton Mifflin has a bunch of other nice outline maps on their website: (all PDFs)

Fighting Back! lesson for Human Physiology (our immune system in outer space)

Syrendell - Rick Tan's blog and a link to their handwork ebook

"The Hands That Wait" - nice article for early childhood

Waldorf in the Home store - great for recordings from conference sessions

Kid-Sized Geodesic Dome how to and pics

Jeweled Cinnamon Couscous recipe - great quick and inexpensive vegetarian dinner in 20 minutes

Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie recipe - this was really good! we used soy milk

Ocean in a Bottle - for whenever you need a beautiful reminder that oil and water don't mix!

Child-Sized Ironing Board Tutorial - because one of my many projects is updating the early childhood portion of my site

teaching osmosis and diffusion through kidney dialysis - practical background information

Eggsmosis - Osmosis with Eggs - and the helpful color pictures - we did this and the egg does indeed expand noticeably in the vinegar and shrink DRAMATICALLY when it is then covered in corn syrup - our whole family enjoyed this experiment!

Beneath the Rowan Tree - a beautiful Etsy store for play silks

Juniper Tree School of Puppetry Arts - Suzanne Down taught me how to needle felt and I always like to check in once in a while and see what she's got going on in the way of puppetry and storytelling workshops

Waseca Biomes - Montessori is my preference when it comes to a couple of things, Grammar and Geography being two of them - and I love the biomes as a way of teaching the Farming/Gardening/Housebuilding block and the Native Americans of the U.S. - and then the geography of the world - I can't yet afford the biome map of the world but we can draw our own and I am getting their stencil to add to our maps as a map key

Ok, now that Second Declension Masculine cheer:

She doesn't have us do Vocative so I'm going to skip it for now, otherwise I will just confuse the children!

us - cross arms and grab opposite shoulders

i - point to self

o - cup hands behind ears

um - both hands tap head

o - repeat O movement

i - repeat I movement

orum - bring hands to the front and wiggle fingers vigorously

is - bring hands to the front and clap

os - bend and touch knees

is - stand back up and clap in front again

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