Thursday, May 19, 2016

Teacher's Report Card & Student Expo

Time to wrap up the school year!

The Teacher's Report Card / Student Evaluation of Teacher rubric can be a helpful tool and create some family conversation and reflection on the school year. I did this with my eighth grader and she scored me highest on "My teacher has high expectations for all students," "My teacher is prepared for class," "My teacher encourages everyone to participate," and "My teacher is enthusiastic about teaching."

Becca's school is preparing tonight for a large Expo of student work and my last school did this as well. This can be a good time for an Open House, advertising the school to the public, or just a celebration of the school year! And I 100% think that homeschoolers should do this too! It is nice to reflect on the year, set out all those Main Lesson Books, research reports, science experiments and demonstrations, art portfolios and other artifacts of your child's work, and have family and friends come by. If you are part of a homeschool co-op, let everyone bring their work to a central meeting place and exhibit space and celebrate and encourage one another!

We are starting a homeschool support group in the southern Illinois area and I will be posting how it goes as the project develops. Right now we have a SurveyMonkey survey for families who are interested, just to see what ages of children would potentially be involved, and we are preparing for an initial meeting with everyone.

Next week will be our final week of school and it draws ever nearer. Natalie is finishing Physics up with Static Electricity and Mechanics (Simple Machines), assembling her final Main Lesson Book, glazing and firing pottery pieces, sewing her puppetry apron, planting seeds, taking part in a research study at the university, and writing the final draft of her Famous Supreme Court Justices research paper (currently at 20 pages). She's also squeezing in as much creative writing as possible, Latin, math (her favorite subject), and time to play outside!

And, unable to keep from looking ahead at next year, I've already been considering live silkworms now that I found a mulberry tree...

What About the Sheep? A Comprehensive Guide to Ethical Yarns

I'd be very curious to hear from other homeschoolers how they wrap up the year and celebrate their achievements. Do you have an official "graduation" to the next grade level?

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