Monday, March 12, 2018

Photos from the Classroom

Leah is working on a darling doll pattern from 

now it is time to begin knititng her wardrobe

making plant mazes in Science Club

each child designed a different maze path

just so Mr. Bean knows how to find his way out... 
this child thoughtfully labeled the exit

we discovered that fastening the boxes shut with extra large file folder rubber bands made it easy to open the flaps and water our plants

a simple play dough recipe with cornstarch and lotion

painting the Hooved Hyrax

researching the Giant African Snail

researching the Sandgrouse

researching the Fennec Fox

here, the task is to multiply a fraction by a whole number

Montessori materials are designed to be self checking 
(this is called the Control of Error)

these cards have the answers on the back, allowing students to work as independently as possible

tracing our new Africa Stencil to make a map of the Nile River

making a scarab beetle out of clay for Queen Cluckopatra's burial service

it is time for Africa book reports!  
Leah leads the way with The Red Pencil, set in Sudan

her choice was to do a Book in a Bag

using this vintage (unsharpened) pencil which my grandparents still had
Parkside School P.T.A. 1945-1946

for Becca's book report on The Golden Goblet
she entombed her mummified chicken

(luckily, her book happened to include a tomb robbery)

we cut up an entire twin sheet into fabric strips for this project

wrapping the limbs (drumsticks and wings) first

adding charms

and spices

and placing a scroll in the pyramid

our chicken is laid to rest

Becca made a pointed cap for the pyramid, with a flap which moves aside so that guests to the classroom can view the mummy

using the Stamp Game to do dynamic division
trading in the 10 tiles for ten 1 tiles in order to share them out fairly

discovering that 81 divided by 9 is 9

adding the Hooved Hyrax notes to the poster

continuing with Ratios in our 7th grade math workbooks

an introductory lesson on Alphabetical Order

Sandgrouse artwork with our new chunky wooden watercolor pencils

our plants are doing well...
although many of them bypassed the maze entirely

proofing yeast

baking bread

a perfectly stamped Legend for the Biome Maps
believe me... this rubber stamp is harder to use than it looks!

Leah's table is chock-full of materials for her Madagascar poster

tracing the pygmy mouse lemur Actual Size

needle felting a fellucah for an Africa report on the people of the wetlands

help with knitting!

more bread baking!

finished posters are shared with the class

Leah's doll gets a pleated skirt made of a K2P2 rib

Zac's newest visual discrimination work... the Montessori Cylinder Block #4

music class outside!
playing spackle bucket drums on a beautiful day

painting paper plates for our tree weavings
inspired by Cassie Stephens

the original ten Roman months

the Actual Size of the African elephant's foot

hearing country reports -- this one is on Niger

tracing the actual size of the African Goliath Beetle
which the Efe pygmy people roast and eat

our Africa area is coming along nicely!

matching the wooden pieces to the Color Pie pattern cards

Pengoloo... a super-fun memory game

an older child helping a younger read his report on the Konso people

working on a Bonus Report (the Nile Crocodile)

learning a variety of greetings in Swahili

rewriting a rough draft of her notes onto her Cheetah poster

"Yay!  It's my turn to be in the Hot Seat."

she could NOT be prouder  :-)

creative writing time is always an option

time for the African Feast!

cutting up sweet potatoes for our stew

chalk pastel artwork for The Village of Round and Square Houses

a beautiful night-time scene

preparing for our Flour Explosion in science club

the girls are REALLY excited!

unfortunately... it didn't actually do anything

science club field trip to the local Maple Syrup Festival

tasting the sap

it's almost Spring!  putting up the Window Nest Box

an initial lesson on long multiplication with the Checker Board

making clay tablets with cuneiform

helping a friend write her message with hieroglyph stamps

our beautiful new Geography area

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