Monday, October 15, 2018

Photos from October Week 1

carefully decorating our Dragon Bread!

playing Varialand while the dough rises

finger knitting

our dragons have risen and are ready for the oven

golden and delicious

sharing bread with friends

two cool things to look at side by side
a spider and a flower on our rainbow tipi

mixing the perfect paint color for this
Pumpkin Portrait

mud kitchen fun outside...

board game fun inside with Hoot Owl Hoot

weaving layers of soil around our mole tunnels

excitedly watching the trash truck come down the street

sprinkle dyeing our wool felt

letting the colors flow

We're Going on a Bell Hunt game

tiptoeing quietly while holding a bell is no easy task

our colors are so beautiful

my little dragon finger puppet pattern

choosing colors for front and back

Pumpkin Portraits again
with oil pastels this time

trying to make parsley paint using a Middle Ages recipe

you have to work hard to get juice out of parsley!

clay tablet and cuneiform work

quill pens and homemade black walnut ink

rapidly beating egg whites
the whisk is just a blur

one of the beautiful sea anemones made in art class
with recycled plastic bottles, heat guns, and soldering irons

working ultra-carefully with gold foil

trying the homemade pokeberry ink

our first introduction to our fountain pens and Script

after writing with quill pens we understand why metal nibs were invented

a variety of nibs for art projects

starting to work with our classroom set of fountain pens

an illuminated letter coloring page from

Natalie adds gold foil to her design
while Zac watches intently

Becca's letter Z

the girls try their parsley recipe again, this time beating the egg whites stiff

writing the MLB page about quill pens
with a quill pen

ocean water / seed experiments in Science Club

sketching the nest collection

mixing paint colors to paint pictures of the ostrich and emu egg

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