Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Photos from October Week 2

long multiplication with the Bank Game

happy mornings spent exploring Indian corn

removing kernals from the cob

taking a break in the bean bin with a book

an older child grabs my copy of L is for Lincoln to show a picture
look... this ear of corn looks like the Tully monster!

Becca reads to Zac from her vintage Spanish textbook
a gift from her great-grandfather

mixing up corn muffins at the mud kitchen

carving potato stamps as part of our lesson on the 
Printing Press

threading soaked kernals of Indian corn

making beautiful necklaces

this week we got a lot of practice in sweeping

grating empty corn cobs together

grinding our corn kernals

pulling open the drawer to see the cornmeal

sharing the box of fraction material

feeding celery ends to the rabbit
(I'm sure Stone Soup day is his favorite day of the week)

lunch outside on a pretty Autumn day

hmmm... that grinding work looks pretty fun

making Japanese characters on the Buddha Board

adding American Sign Language to the MLB

writing with a slate and slate pencil

our day at Purdy School
a restored one-room schoolhouse in Carterville IL

our museum docent and school teacher, Jane Stalker

we also toured the Harrison-Bruce Historical Village,
full of interesting buildings and artifacts

they even had cotton plants growing for us to see

log cabin built in 1818

built in the 1860s

Harrison House built in 1868

my absolute favorite... the dogtrot log cabin

just like we saw in our Housebuilding book 

our docent and tour guide, Mr. Tim

half of the dogtrot log cabin is set up as a store

the other half of the cabin is set up with tools from daily life

family trip to go apple picking at Mileur Orchard
which I found out about through our Facebook group
Waldorf Project for Southern Illinois

our new book group is beginning in November
please let me know if you are interested in joining!

we will be reading Torin Finser's book

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