Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Photos Feb + Mar

A few miscellaneous classroom photos to wrap up the months of February and March...

painting with watercolors on blocks of ice

sprinkling on salt to see the dramatic effects

the paint helps us see the interesting new texture clearly

the salt slowly eats a hole in the ice

long division with the Stamp Game

the Jeweled Layout aka the Decanomial
a geometric representation of the multiplication tables
from 1 x 1 up to 10 x 10

working with the grammar material and the Everglades Habitat Mat
notice that the cards match the color of the Grammar symbols

making pop-up cards for Valentine's Day

a knitted lion pattern laid out flat before stuffing

working together to untangle and wind up balls of yarn

teaching a friend how to finger knit

building elaborate constructions...

and joyfully knocking them down

the finger puppet I made for our story by Suzanne Down
"The Valentine Baker of Pink"

our Nature table on Valentine's Day
thank you to the family who brought us such beautiful roses!

Becca's Chemistry experiments inspired by Michael Faraday's

the ground and water are finished; time to weave the sky

practicing apostrophes for contractions

elaborate division problems require a lot of trading

using the Bank Game for long multiplication
this material comes after the Checker Board and is closer to abstraction

the sweet knitted chicken

bird watching through binoculars

using sandpaper to smooth driftwood even further

walking on a student-created path of timbers 

adding more to the path!

the team works together to plan their design

adding a few drawing lessons into the the Fibers & Clothing block

careful notetaking during the sink/float bin activity

the next item...
everyone feels it and makes a prediction

testing it to see what will happen

it floats!

germinating raw flax seeds and hemp seeds from the grocery store

Becca tries experiment #1 from her new book
making a scale model of the distance from a hydrogen atom's 
nucleus all the way out to its lone electron

taking a break in between my SWI conference in Chicago
and my AWSNA conference in North Carolina
to visit the lovely 
Sandhills Horticultural Gardens in Pinehurst NC

complete with a Secret Garden-esque gate

back to school after the break, the students and Chad are
hard at work clearing out our own vegetable garden beds for Spring

marble mazes galore

and wonderful fort building with playstands and silks

and sofa cushions, of course

US State Elimination game helps me assess student prior knowledge
of state names and locations at the start of our Tall Tales block

there was a lot of variety in which states the teams could
successfully identify (and which states were mysteries)

making our first fruit salad of Spring
the older children are eager to help too

one child stands on a rug and weaves on the tapestry loom...
while another actively weaves part of the hula hoop loom under her feet!

sentence symbolizing work from the Grammar Cabinet

playing I Have... Who Has
to practice state locations

working together on a long multiplication problem

"magic wands" made in Art class with Miss Kelly

using watercolor pencils to create the detailed textures of Jupiter
in Science Club

and don't forget to swing by our upcoming sessions of 
Homeschool Without Borders at the public library in April and May

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