Friday, January 10, 2020

An Exploration of the Four Elements

This is a classic Waldorf First Grade block. Usually, it is a Science block. We are actually exploring it more briefly, as a topic to transition into the Archetypal Professions. There is much more that could be done using a Science slant as opposed to a Cultural slant. I would love to hear other suggestions for each of these Elements! It would be a fun Summer Camp...

Monday, January 6 - Water

  • read Flood by Mary Calhoun
  • discuss Water as a creative force and a destructive force
  • do Ice Cube Race, 2 trials, 5 minutes

Tuesday, January 7 - Earth

Thursday, January 9 - Air

  • recall Earth, read excerpt from Morning Altars by Day Schildkret
    "The Seven Movements for a Morning Altars Practice," pp.16-17
    "Being a Guest," p.56
  • work collaboratively to make altars in the yard
  • look at a Native American obsidian arrowhead
  • add Earth to MLB
  • examine Air by doing Air Pressure Demonstrations
    "Water Glass Trick"
    "Ping-Pong Funnel"
    "Kissing Balloons"
    "Fountain Bottle" (the straw needs to go in the water)
    "The Million Dollar Bet"

Friday, January 10 - Fire

Reflections from June 2020:
The next time I teach this topic, I will give it an entire main lesson block and I will give a full block to the Archetypal Professions as well. They each deserve plenty of time! Also, I had scheduled someone to come in on our Fire day and show the class how to light a fire with two sticks. He had to cancel, sadly. But that's something I'm really committed to doing next time!

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sara said...

Hi, Renee!

I've been so grateful for your Waldorf curriculum work as I homeschool my fifth grader this year -- I was a waldorf class teacher for many years, and took two classes through fifth grade, but doing it for one child is very different!

I wanted to let you know that the images are not showing up for your linked images on your posts for me. I'll see if I can tweak anything on my end, to see if that's the issue, but I thought you'd want to know.

Thank you again!

sara said...

never mind! It was on my end. :)


Renee said...

Hi Sara, Thanks for letting me know and I'm glad it all worked out. :-) Yes, homeschooling is so very different from a whole class! It gives you a lot of flexibility. But you also have a lot less support oftentimes. I'm glad my work has been helpful! Unfortunately we aren't doing Botany until next year so I don't have as much for that topic written up yet. Renee