Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Wrapping Up Our Study of the Human Body

We having been studying the Human Body system by system since May!

Last week we had our final Science Club session. Besides this series of blog posts, I have a ton of notes on this topic on my website and also taught it as a Summer Camp... back when we could meet in person, which allowed us to do many more experiments and demonstrations. Waldorf schools cover this in grades 7 & 8. Montessori schools introduce the story of The Great River as the Sixth Great Lesson in Lower Elementary (ages 6-9) and do an in-depth study of Human Anatomy & Physiology in Upper Elementary (ages 9-12).

Previous Sessions in this Science Club topic were:

Friday, September 4

Prior to Meeting

Review of The Immune System
(The Department of Defense)

  • Video
    "The novel coronavirus is a master of disguise. Here's how it works.”
    The Washington Post

Review: The Lymphatic System
(The Department of Water Control)

Introduction to The Endocrine System
(The Post Office)

  • "The Phone vs. The Letter"
    you will need: a phone, a notecard & envelope, a stamp, a mailbox, a friend who lives far away

    Call someone on the phone. Write down the time that you call, and what time you talk to them. It may be right away, or you may have to leave a message. If they don’t answer, leave a message that says you’re doing a science experiment and you’d like them to call you back ASAP. How much time passed between when you picked up the phone to call and when you talked to them?

    Now, write a person a letter and address the envelope and put a stamp on it and put it in the mailbox. Write down the time and the day that you mail the letter. In the letter, tell that person that you’re doing a science experiment and you’d like them to write back ASAP and tell you when they got your letter. How many days did it take them to get your letter? How much time passed in all between when you mailed the letter and when you got their response?

  • "Command Cards"
    you will need: a partner, some index cards or pieces of paper, scissors, pen, your imagination

    Create a series of commands on index cards or on pieces of paper. Cut each card in half in a squiggly way, like you’re making a puzzle piece. Keep one half of each card for yourself and give the other half of each card to your partner. You can also play this with a larger group and give card halves to all of the people in your family. Once two people have found two halves that match, and they have reassembled and read the card, they must do what it says.

    Here are some examples:

      bark like a dog
      hop on one foot
      tell a knock-knock joke
      eat a bowl of cereal
      run around the yard
      dress in your favorite color
      count to 100
      blink three times
      do ten jumping jacks

Note: The Great River story (PDF) from ETC Montessori does not include The Endocrine System, but I decided to and that the best analogy for our system of hormones would be The Post Office. Compared to the electrical messages carried via The Nervous System, it operates on a much slower scale.

Introduction to The Reproductive System
(The Space Program)

During the Meeting

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