Monday, June 28, 2021

Photos of Spring 2020 Projects

Another thing I never did! Post photos from the Handwork Teacher Training - Spring 2020! I was waiting until I finished all my homework assignments, which I did just the weekend before the Spring 2021 session began...  

So, here are photos from our week together just before COVID shut the whole country down, as well as of the projects I completed independently during our year apart. (We did meet on Zoom in the Summer of 2020 but it was not part of the mandatory coursework; it was optional enrichment.)

of course, when we come in to the Fiber Craft Studio, the first thing we see 
is all the beautiful colors Nicole dyed for us!

we set about dyeing some silk embroidery floss
we are making a set of 18 different colors, using jars in a hot water bath

avocado pits

logwood powder

we also combine dyestuffs (this is osage orange + logwood powder)

madder root + cochineal

we also have an indigo vat going

beautiful color-changing yarn!  I learned how to tie yarn for dyeing this way over the summer in the optional enrichment course

we wrapped the mordanted yarn around our cell phones to make tiny hanks, all connected together
we can call them hanks A, B, C, D, E, F

A, B, C in blue
C, D, E in yellow
E, F, A in red

A = blue overdyed with red = violet
B = blue
C = green overdyed with yellow = green
D = yellow
E = yellow overdyed with red = orange
F = red

balls of beautiful yarn for making butterfly stitch strings for string games

our indigo dyed pieces of wool felt for embroidered bookmarks

18 little jars of colorful dye!

this was where I learned that you could make a dye from avocado pits
I was very excited!!!

we strain out the dyestuffs to be reused, where possible
the embroidery floss hanks go in the dye jars to go back in the hot water

after making the lambs (which we were all familiar with), we were tasked with inventing a stuffed animal pattern of our own design

this little alligator is the cutest thing ever

meanwhile, I struggle to learn the butterfly stitch

yarn colors for knitted penguins!

we begin to finish up the star gnomes

knitted diamond washcloths

I love this sewing box!!!!

a shy penguin

finished gnomes and lambs adorn the wooden table in the center of the room

all our embroidery floss colors are ready, and we lay them out beautifully

the dyed felt pieces are also ready
(onion skin for the penguin beak, madder & indigo for the bookmark)  

instructions for the embroidered felt bookmarks

a beautiful needle case (we make these in Spring 2021)

we each get several pieces of each color to take home

penguins are born!

some amazing photos from the lecture series by Michael Howard

I also learned that he has developed a cooperative board game!

on our very last day, the Gnome Party is set up for us as a surprise

gnomes and lambs having fun together!

it's just adorable

what a fun celebration to wrap up our week

my lamb (1st grade project)

my attempt at designing a little wombat! 

the wombat was Zac's request

my star gnomes (1st grade extra project)

my diamond washcloths (2nd or 3rd grade)

my doll (2nd or 3rd grade extra project)

my first doll!  I am very proud of her and can't wait to make another one

my embroidered bookmarks (2nd or 3rd grade extra project)
running stitch (above) and seed stitch (below)

Last, but not least, I tried my hand at another stuffed animal pattern. The Guianan squirrel monkey!!!!


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