Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Photos of Spring 2021 Projects

Photos of projects from Handwork Teacher Training - Spring 2021!

Ancient India

Ancient Persia

I really struggled with this painting so I did it multiple times

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Greece

this painting is incomplete, as my computer kept booting me out of Zoom  

Industrial Revolution

crockpot dyeing wool felt & silk embroidery floss with turmeric root

from top to bottom:
red onion skin
yellow onion skin
turmeric root
avocado skins & pits (with iron)

it is amazing the difference betwen red and yellow onion skins!

my golden circle mat, ready for embroidery
turmeric - gold
acovado + iron - silver
onion skin - copper

my mat actually turned out extremely well and it was lovely, but...

we used it all during our Outdoor Classroom to hold the silver bell
and since turmeric root is not lightfast, it faded in the sunshine

beautiful mahogany thread palette

Mario says that when placed on a table, it should be irresistible
mission accomplished!

thank you, Nicole, for dyeing us such lovely colors!

painted linen square

finished seed stitched mat

needle case in progress (and learning the buttonhole stitch)

again, you see the turmeric dye is not keeping its color

kumihimo disk

knitted & crocheted owl

doing the bundle dye workshop at the end with Zac was a lovely bonus

and it was only fair that we do something special together, since he had to be so quiet all week while I was on Zoom all day long in my training!

Anne-Marie Kavulla is extraordinary and if you get a chance to take a workshop with her, I highly recommend it!

this is yellow cosmos, weld, madder root, and woad seeds

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In all honesty, lots of bonus projects were also shared with us. It is so so temptingly easy to post a video to Google Classroom! But since I went right from this training week into opening up our school in-person on March 1st, had to focus on adapting to an Outdoor Classroom, and taught up until the week before my new training session began, I didn't do any of the extras.

extra project ideas & videos included:

collaborative knitted & crocheted farmyard (each student does a square)

knitted & crocheted garden with bunnny & carrot

mini knitted farmyard with sheep finger puppet

sheep shearing shadow puppet show with marionettes

how to tie a heart-shaped Celtic knot

self-striping rainbow ball

instructions for mordanting cellulose fiber

beeswax wood finish recipe

watercolor painting tutorials

eco-dyed yarn experiments for families to do at home during COVID (mordanted yarn, dyestuff, water, glass pie dish, bake in oven at 400 degrees for 30 minutes)

more ideas for fun & fine motor things to do at-home during COVID

  • block beeswax crayon "weaving" plaid with warp & weft
  • assembling paper quilts with pieces of various patterns
  • trick apple slicing
  • peeling an orange peel to match the f-hole on a violin
  • making a tiny goblet out of a metallic chocolate wrapper
    "the flagon with the dragon holds the brew that is true!
    or was it the chalice from the palace?"
  • folding an 8 page mini book from a single sheet of paper
  • ladle levitation

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