Friday, September 3, 2021

Mycology in the Waldorf Scope & Sequence

One of the things on my wish list is to developed a Science block that is just on Fungi. It really bothers me when people lump fungi in with Botany because they are NOT plants and it just confuses children! Right now, I'm thinking grade 7 along with Microbiology, because the questions about where fungi fall on the Tree of Life are best understood when you are talking about the cellular level. It also could go nicely with Chemistry if you did kombucha.

Actually, here is the full Science range in Waldorf:

Nature Study in grade 1/2
a sense of wonder... respect and appreciation for the natural world

Farming & Gardening in grade 3
how we work with the earth and the living things in a practical way


Zoology in grade 4/5

Botany in grade 5/6

Microbiology & Mycology in grade 7 (this is my idea... not traditional)

Human Anatomy & Physiology in grade 7/8

Ecology in grade 8 (I like to put Oceanography in there too)


Local Geography in grade 4

Landforms & Water Features in grade 4

North American Geography (or your home continent) in grade 5

Geology in grade 6

Astronomy in grade 6

Physics in grade 6/7/8

Chemistry in grade 7/8

Meteorology in grade 8

Here is my list of Mycology books so far. I'll keep adding to it as I brainstorm this block off & on. Suggestions are always welcome!

The Case of the Vanishing Golden Frogs: A Scientific Mystery

by Sandra Markle
Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis

Zombie Makers: True Stories of Nature's Undead

by Rebecca Johnson
Entomophthora muscae
Ophiocordyceps unilateralis

Ancient Ones: The World of the Old-Growth Douglas Fir

by Barbara Bash


by Ester Gaya and Katie Scott

Humongous Fungus: The Weird and Wonderful Kingdom of Fungi

by Lynne Boddy

Fungi: Mushrooms, Toadstools, Molds, Yeasts, and Other Fungi

by Judy Wearing

Plants That Never Ever Bloom

by Ruth Heller

The Mushroom Fan Club

by Elise Gravel

Fungus is Among Us!

by Joy Keller

We Are Fungi

by Christine Nishiyama

Tales of the Mushroom Folk

by Signe Aspelin
this is lovely but of course it's the mushrooms of Sweden
does drive home the idea that many mushrooms aren't safe to eat!!!!

Mushroom in the Rain

by Mirra Ginsburg

Mushrooms of the World

by Jeannette Bowers (coloring book)

Adventures in Mycoflora: A Realistic Mushroom Coloring Book

by E. M. Ledford

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