Thursday, November 24, 2022

Week Eleven Notes

Monday, Nov 14

Tuesday, Nov 15

Wednesday, Nov 16

Thursday, Nov 17

Friday, Nov 18 - Lantern Walk

Week of November 21 - Autumn Break

ages 10 & 11 assigned math practice over break

    Assorted Math Practice (PDF)
    KW - Time Units, green cards, pp.4-6, 10 (answer key)
    CR - Open Ended Problems, yellow cards, pp. 14, 16 (answer key)
    AH - Open Ended Problems, blue cards, pp.15, 17-18 (answer key)

    AG - Decimal Competency Packet, pp.16-20
    Multiplication by Multiples of 10
    Division by Multiples of 10
    Division by Whole Numbers
    Division by Decimals

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